The application of Pullulan capsule

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      1. Pullulan is used in the food industry

      Pullulan is a stable white powder water-soluble neutral polysaccharide. It is a colorless and odorless white powder fermented by microorganisms with glucose as raw material. It has good stability.Excellent resistance to salt, heat and pH changes in the thickening action.Versatile applications include adhesives and thickeners to change or maintain the structure of food.The superior film-forming properties of Pullulan, which can be printed, have good thermal stability and excellent oxygen isolation.Pullulan can be used in poultry eggs, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, seafood and meat preservation. It can also be used as a low-calorie food additive.

      2. Pullulan applied to the cosmetics industry

      The molecular weight of Pullulan used in the cosmetics industry is around 200,000 Dalton.Pullulan aqueous solution has good properties of foam retention and adhesion, and its aqueous solution has low viscosity.These properties lead to the use of Pullulan in high-end emollients, hair conditioners, and facial cleansers.Due to its superior adhesive properties, pullulan can be used in masks.The good solubility of Pullulan makes it a good carrier for active substances and perfumes.

      3. Pullulan is used in the medical industry

      The bond performance is obviously better than other binders.The low viscosity and high adhesion during granulation enable the efficient utilization of Pullulan polysaccharides.The excellent film-forming and bonding properties make Pullulan an important component of tablet coating.It can make the product have a smooth surface and improve the strength of the tablet.Prulan polysaccharide is a natural, organic product that has the appearance of a gelatin capsule and satisfies the needs of vegetarians and related religious people.Compared with other hard capsules, Pullulan capsule has a very low oxygen permeability and is most suitable for the embedding of easily oxidized contents. It can prevent the oxidation of the product, extend the storage time, maintain the stability of the product and reduce the amount of antioxidants.

      Wecaps Pullulan capsules' natural origin and biodegradability make them an eco-friendly choice, aligning with the principles of sustainable packaging. Pullulan, gellan gum, xanthan, and potassium chloride work together to create a capsule that offers optimal protection, controlled release, and enhanced bioavailability of the encapsulated substances. As a capsule supplier, Wecaps can provide you with a variety of high-quality capsules. Welcome to our capsule customization page!


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